Keep reading for a fascinating personal account of how the Obamacare trainwreck is playing out at the granular level, courtesy of a benefits professional tasked with unpacking and complying with the labyrinth of new mandates and regulations buried within the law. But first, more “anecdotal evidence” of a decidedly non-anecdotal phenomenon, this time in New Jersey. Thanks, Obamacare:

The ill effects of Obamacare continue to add up. Towns in New Jersey plan to cut full time workers’ hours to avoid offering them health insurance because of Obamacare. The Middletown township has announced that it will reduce hours from 25 of its employees to prepare for the looming implementation of Obamacare. The school district will cut back hours as well. Toms River officials will also act accordingly to keep their costs low, due to the high expenses that Obamacare will impose. Sharing the same plight, the Berkeley township (the municipality devastated by Hurricane Sandy) is considering a similar move. The township says that Sandy left them deep in financial throes and that Obamacare costs are simply out of their already limited budget.