The Obama administration has managed to dither and delay to a truly amazing degree on the still-pending approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, the TransCanada project that was supposed to transport upwards of 800,000 barrels of heavy crude a day from Canada, as well as oil from the North Dakota shale fields, to U.S. refineries in the Gulf Coast. Their most recent estimate kicked the relatively innocuous project’s decision date back to early 2014, and if they make even that arbitrary deadline, I’ll be shocked. As the Obama administration has attempted to downplay it, the issue has only ballooned in public notic as the eco-radical contingent looking to kill the pipeline is fighting an entirely symbolic and misguided battle against the oil-and-gas industry — but meanwhile, the oil-and-gas industry is busy actually being a productive player in society and creating wealth in the economy.

Energy companies have long since tired of watching the Obama administration pretend that they’re sincerely still debating the merits of the project, and if the eco-radicals want to crush Keystone, then fine — let them have their completely hollow victory. The WSJ reports that U.S. oil refiners are increasingly doubting that the Keystone pipeline will ever be built — and that they don’t particularly care anymore. Full steam ahead, boys: