Safety on the farm is something that needs to be practiced every day and by everyone on the farm. It makes no difference whether the task is large or small, the hazards are the same. Sometimes the small ones might even lull people into a lax attitude and result in a huge event.

A few weeks ago, a central Minnesota man and his young grandson were killed when the tractor they were using rolled over. Reports suggest this may have been a hobby farm using older and smaller equipment. This type of equipment seldom has modern safety features like ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure).

Tractors of this type are used on many farms for mowing large lawns and road banks. That is a recipe for an incident in itself. The second mistake in this event was having another passenger, especially a child, on the tractor along with the operator. We all want to give our youngsters an opportunity to learn and experience what we do on the farm, but the loss of a young life is a high price for that experience.

Most equipment is not designed to carry passengers, so don’t!