U.S. military commanders in the Mideast have drafted up a slate of options to address possible security challenges facing Washington and allied efforts to disarm Syria.

Central Command submitted their recommendations to U.S. diplomats before Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting on Saturday with Russian counterparts to lay the groundwork for taking control of Syria’s chemical weapons.

The command recommendations included “broad parameters . . . to give us some idea of the dimensions of the security challenge” tied to taking control of Syria’s chemical stockpiles, a State Department official said Sunday.

Central Command’s plans included “nothing very complex” in terms of actual operations to secure chemical sites under the control of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.

The official did not comment as to whether the command’s recommendations included plans for U.S. forces to secure those sites.

President Obama has repeatedly insisted that no American troops will be deployed to Syria as part of potential U.S. operations in the country.