North Carolina along with the rest of the states and Washington, DC has joined in a new movement in America called “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” (OFOI). The movement got started when James Neighbors, founder of OFOI, was inspired by a few people in Carlsbad, California that were standing on an overpass with signs that read “Honk to Impeach Obama;” American Flags were flying in the background.

Neil Moyer, Media Relations Coordinator, said that “OFOI is a non-partisan grassroots effort to remind all elected officials to remember that they work for us, that we gave them the job, and that we can take that job back at any time.”

Neil also wants everyone to know that “we welcome all Americans who want America restored to her former glory. Our current push is to get the congressmen to begin impeachment proceedings on Obama, but this is not our only goal. This is a first step to bring about the recovery of America.”