Well, this is rich.

The Obama administration continues to dismiss out-of-hand even the faintest possibility of allowing for more offshore oil-and-gas development in the near future; their minds are intractably made up on that score, let the fact that oil and gas have been just about the only major economic success stories of the Obama presidency be damned. The administration has, however, been pretty darn excited about their plans to instead focus their efforts on leasing federal (i.e., taxpayers’) lands and waters to solar and wind companies to further support their very specific and ideologically-driven dreams of renewable energy development.

Virginia in particular would stand to benefit from increased offshore-drilling permitting, but I suppose the Obama administration felt they were providing plenty of solace by instead leasing over a hundred thousand acres off of the coast of Virginia for offshore wind development. The United States still doesn’t have a completed commercial offshore wind farm, you see, and wouldn’t it just be so exciting to be a major player in pioneering the path toward what the Obama administration has predetermined are the green jobs and energies of the future?