As rains transformed Colorado from drought to deluge, further to the east the drought deepened.

According to the latest “Drought Monitor” report, drought progressed further into the eastern Corn Belt. From Minnesota to Missouri, from Nebraska to Indiana, the drought is clinging to what has been a hot, dry end to the summer.

In Iowa, the country’s top corn- and soybean-producing state, 42 percent is in severe drought, unchanged from last week. Other states attempting to ride out what climatologists originally called a “flash drought” include Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.

An updated “Ag in Drought” report shows that 55 percent of corn grown in the U.S. is now within an area experiencing drought. Given that U.S. producers planted an estimated 97.4 million acres of corn, this suggest that nearly 53.6 million acres of corn are affected by drought.