Department of Labor (DOL) employees charged an estimated $3.8 million in unauthorized expenses on their government-issued travel cards, according to an Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report released Sept. 13.

One unnamed federal worker “incurred more than $10,000 in unauthorized transactions” on the travel cards, which are issued to federal workers to pay for “official expenses, such as hotel rooms and airline tickets” that exceed $75.

Another 1,240 employees were unable to provide the required supporting documentation for transactions over $75, totaling an additional $2.4 million in unauthorized expenses.

Some of the unapproved expenses included $3,641.22 in ATM withdrawals, an $800 shopping spree at Target, over $1,700 for a rental vehicle, and $477.88 for an unapproved extra hotel room an employee charged while on an authorized DOL trip.