Four American’s including two of our bravest Navy Seals, went down September 11, 2012, but not without a fight. Order’s to Stand Down, were foreign words ringing hollow to hero’s ears when saving lives was their oath to this Country and ultimate mission in life. With one last fight still ahead to save 31 more lives they disobeyed orders and mission accomplished; put their lives on the line as they tirelessly fought into the break of day and waited for fellow soldiers to arrive and help, but help never came.

Until last week’s hearings, Patrick Kennedy, Under Secretary for Management @ the State Dept., under Secretary Clinton, never mentioned he was the one behind the policy decision. He created the death trap on Sept.11, 2012 for not getting extra security. He was the State Official who signed off on the Benghazi operation with sub-standard security in an action memo, just surfacing, from Dec., 2011, nine months before the attack.

This in itself shows that it had to have gone upstairs. Secretary Clinton had her Teflon fingerprints all over it because Kennedy is not someone at a level who could set policy; he simply had the power to have lower levels enforce it. These lower level employees were set to take the fall.