Like a flaming Chevy Volt brought back to the shop for repairs, the Obamacare federal health insurance exchange website has now been recalled. The application part of the site, healthcare.gov, will be taken down during off-hours over the weekend, and will be unavailable for public use – which does not truly differentiate it from its current status.

The Obamacare launch has been nothing short of disastrous for the Obama administration, particularly given the supposed urgency of implementing Obamacare that President Obama has claimed as the rationale for refusal to negotiate over the government shutdown. On September 27, CBS News reported, “Obamacare’s success may hinge on a website.” By October 4, even Obama acolytes like the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas labeled healthcare.gov “really bad.” They wrote, “the Obama administration doesn’t have a basically working product that would be improved by a software update. They have a Web site that almost nobody has been able to successfully use. If Apple launched a major new product that functioned as badly as Obamacare’s online insurance marketplace, the tech world would be calling for Tim Cook’s head.”