The Obamacare “enrollment tool” is “down,” according to a representative answering questions at Healthcare.gov’s phone number.

The representative made the comments to insurance broker and blogger Dave Petno, who posted the conversation he had with an “Obamacare supervisor” Friday morning.

“The system is not available, it’s not you, it’s not accepting information. So once it becomes available you’ll be able to log on with your current information,” the supervisor told Petno.

Another operator speaking with The Daily Caller on Obamacare’s “1-800″ number Friday afternoon explained that operators have been encouraging people who call to try the online feature in a few days.

“We are diligently trying to get those systems up and running more proficiently to where our consumers can get on and navigate the system and they are giving us a timeframe of around Oct. 15,” the operator told The Daily Caller.