The lack of data that has accompanied the federal government shutdown has many impacts directly on cattle and beef industry participants. Many business transactions depend on publically reported markets for pricing points that determine transaction values. Lack of data also has many impacts on market analysts who synthesize a great deal of data into information about current and future market conditions for the benefit of the beef industry. I monitor many different data all the time but at specific times or in specific market conditions, some data is more critical for me than others. The following is a partial list of data that is particularly important from my perspective at this point in time.

Feeder Cattle Auction Data
Feeder cattle auction data that is missed is lost forever. With historically low feeder cattle supplies and counter-seasonal strength in prices prior to the shutdown, feeder prices at the current time are particularly important. October and November have the largest volumes of feeder cattle trade of the year and typically seasonal low prices. The lack of market data is particularly critical to cow-calf producers selling weaned calves and stocker and feedlot producers determining when to buy.