It looks like the partial shutdown will come to a close in a few hours, but this story from McClatchy is stunning. That the Obama White House and its Statist deputies have been hell-bent on making things as “difficult as possible” for average people in the hopes of gaining a political advantage is not news. They barricaded open-air war memorials and a 9/11 remembrance site for goodness sake. They refused to agree to piecemeal bills that would have restored funding to things like pediatric cancer treatments at NIH. Their conduct was dishonorable and cynical. We now know that was also dangerous. While they were plotting their pain-infliction strategy, administration officials recklessly decided to furlough thousands of America’s…intelligence analysts, charged with keeping the country safe. Under pressure, they’ve admitted that it was a mistake that endangered national security. McClatchy’s headline is pretty bruising: “Shutdown Misstep – How Obama administration plan put country at risk.” Details: