Sooner or later, the electronic glitches and system failures in ObamaCare will be worked out. Every data processing problem can be solved eventually, with the application of enough time and money. We’ll probably have to wait until the inevitable House Oversight hearings to find out how exactly how much money was spent creating and “fixing” the ObamaCare exchanges, and who got it all.

ObamaCare apologists haven’t quite gotten around to telling us to just sit tight and wait for the bugs to get worked out. Oh, they say things like that, particularly in official statements from the Department of Health and Human Services and 404 Errors, but they haven’t quite got the nerve to imply that people are being unreasonably impatient for noticing the massive system failures. Actually, more than a few people on the Left have begun muttering that a delay in the individual mandate will be necessary, because otherwise the Sainted Middle Class will get socked with tax/penalties for failure to comply with a system they couldn’t log into. If that’s how it shakes out, then – to borrow a phrase currently in vogue among Democrats – Barack Obama and Harry Reid will have “shut down the government for nothing.”