Food and agricultural experts from around the world gathered in Des Moines, Iowa this week for the 2013 Borlaug Dialogue hosted by the World Food Prize Foundation, in conjunction with World Food Day. During a Wednesday morning breakfast ceremony, Elanco President Jeff Simmons received the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 2013 Borlaug CAST Communication Award, recognizing his vision in addressing the challenges of feeding the world’s growing population.

During the program, Simmons previewed his new white paper, “ENOUGH: – The Fight for a Food Secure Tomorrow.” Instead of focusing on the problem, Simmons is focused on the solutions.

He notes that as the world population grows to 9 billion by 2050, the global middle class will more than double in size, reaching nearly 5 billion by 2050. However, the fastest part of that growth will actually occur between now and 2020, meaning billions of people living better lives and demanding access to better diets, specifically meat, milk and eggs.