Sarah Palin’s influence is hardly fading, according to a CNN report. “The Republican establishment can’t stand her. The media mocks her,” CNN’s Peter Hamby writes. “But Sarah Palin isn’t going anywhere. Far from it.”

Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express, echoing the sentiments of former South Carolina Senator and Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint, told CNN that Palin “is the most important endorsement in Republican politics today, by far.”

“She can move the needle in a primary more than anyone else can,” he said.

Former Mississippi Governor and legendary GOP moneyman Haley Barbour told Hamby two years ago that Palin could raise enough money to burn a wet mule without the need for people like Barbour if she decided to run a national campaign. She can use new media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to circumvent the Republican consultant class and the mainstream media that mocked her when Palin pioneered using social media to get out political messages.