When Senator Obama was running for President he wanted to have the world – especially Europe – “like” America all over again. Who will ever forget the adoring crowd when he spoke in Germany? I would be hard-pressed to believe that crowd would assemble today to hear the empty rhetoric of hope and change.

In pursuit of being “liked” as if we were a Facebook page, America under President Obama struggles to be respected. Last week a scathing letter from Saudi Arabia, certainly not our closest ally, was an indicator of the lack of respect Mr. Obama has engendered.

Now the Obama administration is fighting against allegations of spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as some 34 other world leaders. The confusion coming from the NSA regarding eavesdropping exploits causes great concern as to what President Obama is being told. We appear to have a President who is either uninformed — perhaps purposefully — incompetent, or possibly lying outright to other world leaders and to the American people. Singularly, any of those circumstances would be troubling, but any combination is greatly disturbing.