Sunday night 60 Minutes aired a damning report from reporter Lara Logan about the details of the Benghazi attack, including an interview with “Morgan Jones,” a former British soldier who spoke under a pseudonym in order to protect his identity. After witnessing the attack, Jones went looking for US Ambassador Christopher Stevens at a hospital that had been overrun by Al Qaeda terrorists. Jones found Stevens, dead.

“I dreaded seeing who it was,” Jones tells CBS’ Lara Logan. “I could see through the glass, I didn’t even have to go into the room to see who it was. It was the Ambassador, dead.”

Jones explains the lead up to the Benghazi attack on 9/11, which included seeing black Al Qaeda flags flying in the city as the terrorist group took over buildings. He talked about a militia that was openly hanging out at the consulate on a regular basis “training for consulate security.” He asked for them to leave, they refused and nobody bothered forcing them to leave.

“I was saying these guys are no good, they need to get out of here,” Jones says. “I got quite bored hearing my own voice say it.”

Ambassador Stevens was well aware of these threats and asked multiple times for more security from Washington D.C. Those requests were repeatedly denied.