The awakening of mainstream media outlets to the ugly reality of ObamaCare and the biggest lie of this generation – Barack Obama’s often-repeated promise that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan” – has been amazing to watch. Of course, none of these people were anywhere to be found when it really mattered. The absolute dereliction of duty by the press during the 2008 election, the squalid birth of the Affordable Care Act, 2012 election, and defund/delay/shutdown dramas is one of the landmark stories of our political era.

Everyone with an ounce of critical thinking skill knew ObamaCare was going to ravage the insurance market (and once the unconstitutionally delayed employer mandate kicks in, it will wreak the same sort of havoc on the much larger employer-provided market.) Warnings were shouted from the hilltops by ObamaCare critics, but the media either ignored them, or put them on the same plane as Obama’s propaganda, which never had anything to back it up beyond the President’s worthless personal assurances. No hard-hitting investigative reporting was done at all.