The negotiations over a five-year farm bill are entering a crucial week.

One of the leaders of the conference committee on the farm bill said lawmakers have reached the point in the process where there will need to be give-and-take to reach an agreement.

“We’ve done all the staff work. What needs to be done now is the tradeoffs that can only be done between members,” House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) told Agri-Talk radio on Friday.

Negotiators are seeking to get the farm bill wrapped up by Thanksgiving, according to Peterson. That would require them to reach an agreement next week, so that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) could score the legislation before the conference committee meets again.

It is clear that the agriculture committee leaders are eager to get things going.

Peterson said he and the other leaders of the conference committee plan to hold closed-door talks next week in Washington despite the House being in recess.