It was a very special trick-or-treat surprise for “red herring” Justin Hadley of North Carolina when Blue Cross / Blue Shield killed his insurance policy and exiled him to the train-wreck ObamaCare exchanges. (“Red herring” is the Democrat Party’s official classification for the over 3.5 million Americans who have lost their insurance due to the Affordable Care Act.)

Hadley managed to get past the swarm of bugs and log into… only to find personal information about other people presented to him by Barack Obama’s ultra-secure $500 million website. They weren’t even from the same Carolina. Presumably in some deep cave of ObamaCare’s stone-age software, “North” and “South” Carolina are interchangeable. Close enough for government work, right?

What handed over to Hadley were application letters for coverage from other people, which included their personal information. In addition to notifying the Department of Whatever and Human Services, he also contacted one of the people in question, South Carolina lawyer Thomas Dougall. The Heritage Foundation picks up the story from there: