Last month, we caught wind of the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest attempt to further expand the already extravagant bounds of their authority with some, ahem, “clarifications” to the Clean Water Act that would more specifically codify precisely the types of bodies of water that fall under their esteemed jurisdiction. The EPA has had to deal with the ever-so-droll inconvenience of several high-level lawsuits stemming from their unscrupulous rulemaking, and they really want to lock those challenges to their righteous regulatory prowess down.

Because this is the EPA we’re dealing with, I’d hazard a guess that neither pond nor puddle is quite safe from this “clarification” process, and the well-monied and self-titled environmentalist lobby — ever-confident in the wildly misguided notion that big government bureaucracy is the best method of effective environmental stewardship — is pretty thrilled about it.