Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh didn’t know the man trying to force his way into their off-campus apartment had an extensive criminal history, only that he was belligerent and threatening. So McIntosh ran off John Taylor, using the Glock 10mm pistol for which McIntosh has a legal carry permit. But now the two students are at risk of being expelled from Gonzaga University for violating student policy on possessing firearms in their school-owned residence. They’re also a little raw about a 2 a.m. raid by campus security to confiscate the pistol and Fagan’s hunting shotgun, and have since reported them as stolen to the Spokane police.

Gonzaga vice president Earl Martin said the school is abiding by the letter of its code, but Fagan protested that, “By having policies such as this, they are saying that we are either choosing between protecting ourselves or potentially facing expulsion.”