It seems like only yesterday that the corrupt Democrat Party was loudly insisting that the people who lost their insurance policies under ObamaCare were a bunch of “red herrings” and “Chicken Littles,” to quote two phrases they employed during congressional hearings. They claimed the problem of insurance cancellations under ObamaCare was wildly inflated. When that didn’t work any more, they reverted to the cold default argument of socialism, and claimed the “losers” of ObamaCare – the people who believed Barack Obama’s Big Lie about being able to keep their insurance plans – were mere collateral damage, acceptable losses during the Great Health Care Leap Forward. They made loud, false claims that the plans lost to the Affordable Care Act were junk policies that consumers were foolish to have bought in the first place.

They even tried rewriting history and claiming Obama had always said… or meant… or silently believed in his heart… this would always happen. The Democrats even tried arguing that it was our fault for accepting the plain meaning of Obama’s words, when we should have read the bill none of them read before voting on it and understood that he was, shall we say, de-emphasizing certain unattractive truths.