Insurance Agents Aid In Signing People Up For Affordable Health Care Act Coverage

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the Majority Whip, issued the following list of Democratic congressmen who joined President Obama in spreading the lie that, “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.”

All –

Let’s not forget that it wasn’t just President Obama who repeatedly told people that if they like their healthcare plan, they could keep it. When Obamacare was finally passed in the House, 219 Democrats voted for it, repeating the same false promise as the President did to the American people. Tomorrow, House Democrats have an opportunity to clarify whether they truly meant for people who liked their healthcare plan to be able it keep it, or if this was just a sales tactic to shove an already unpopular bill through Congress.

Running into Democrats who can’t quite remember making this promise? We’ve compiled a few examples for you below. We fully expect them all to be “yes” votes on Chairman Upton’s “Keep Your Health Plan Act” (HR 3350).

Oh, and pay special attention to the highlighted Members. They originally made this promise, but have since “updated” their websites. Whatever is plaguing must be catching…