U.S. beef exports during October were up 10.7% compared to a year ago and beef imports were down 4.4%. During the month, we exported 70 million pounds more beef than we imported. October was the 14th consecutive month that U.S. beef exports exceeded imports.

For the first 10 months of 2011, beef exports are up by 25.4% and beef imports are down 13.2%. We are on a pace to export 2.8 billion pounds of beef this year, well above the 2.518 billion pound record set in 2003. Through October, U.S. beef exports are up by 473 million pounds with shipments to Canada and South Korea both up by a bit over 100 million pounds. Beef shipments to Japan are up 91 million pounds and exports to Russia are up 61 million pounds compared to January-October 2010