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If you have ever observed the mighty Mississippi, Ohio or
Missouri Rivers rise to flood stage with each spring snow melt,
you have witnessed the rise of the Environmental Protection
Agency at its present state. Here is an octopus of over 17,000
employees and more contract personnel that is in virtual control
of our entire lives. Conceived in the 1950’s and growing with
each succeeding presidential administration, it has grown beyond
its boundaries like none other political entity. The
“Protection” part of this has vastly reduced our options as to
what we can and cannot do.

This is a mirror image of life under F.D. Roosevelt in the late
thirties and forties: every month or so it seems that another new
agency emerged to restrict everything we did. Rationing
gasoline, food, machinery, shoes – you name it. It was at the
point that you could do virtually nothing without government’s
permission…and that was usually: NO.

Environmentalists and both political parties have dealt heavy-
handedly with every aspect of our lives like none other. The
original concerns were admirable: smoke from industrial chimneys;
buildup of mountains of tires – which turned into conflagrations
emitting huge clouds of dense, black smoke; discharge of
dangerous pollutants into rivers by many companies and large
corporations and even including city, county, state and federal
agencies. Something had to be done. The problem with each step
the government takes, its original intent grows with nothing to
impede its overflow. It is now governed (or, I should say:
GOVERNS us) by at least 49 different Acts and Public Laws. It
even has, of course, a presence in the Executive branch of

The EPA has tentacles. They reach into places such as no one can
even imagine. If there is a place on the continent where water
once stood, they do their best to declare it a “wetland.” And
who has the authority to govern wetlands? You guessed it; and
it’s not the landowner who owns it. Landowners, municipalities,
counties and states all have concerns over rivers that flow
through their environs and issues constantly arise over the use
of that water, dumping into that water, restricting the flow of
it and, otherwise, control of every last drop of it. If a beaver
builds a dam in any of these bodies, the EPA has the authority to
“evict” this evil predator from squatting where it has not
received EPA’s permission. The beaver might object over the fact
that it can’t read the rules…no excuse!

But, yes, there is room for regulations regarding pollution of
our streams, no question about that. However, there is still the
“right to ownership” in this country that must have some say in
the process. His money is in the pot and there must be some
agreement between the parties as to what best course of action
can be taken to alleviate the concerns. I think most landowners
are amenable to give and take to settle issues – the government,
excuse me, does not have all the answers.

Whether or not the original idea of this agency was to use it as
a weapon against us, it has become one; an evil one, to be sure.
We have reserves of coal – that’s c-o-a-l to the uninformed, that
has been used as fuel for millennia. It’s a miraculous resource
and found in most parts of the world, was the major engine that
fueled the rise of the greatest nation on earth and for
centuries, now, has provided continuous heat and electricity to
all parts of our country. The EPA, under presumed direct orders
and urging of the current resident in the WH, has deemed coal to
be an enemy and so must be left in the ground. That most of our
electricity is produced using coal, is not important. That
thousands of jobs will be lost with the demise of coal mining, is
just tough; that the cost of electricity will sky-rocket and all
the coal-fueled electric plants will be shut down, seems to be
the devious plan. “Green” energy will never replace coal as the
intelligent, efficient, readily available resource for our
livelihood. The EPA’s tentacles must be clipped.

Another issue that rears its ugly head is vacant blocks of land
throughout our country, enclosed by chain-link fences and
unusable to anyone because: they once held an automobile shop or
gas station. If the shop closed down or was closed by EPA
regulations, that plot of land stays vacant forever, it seems.
No one can touch it unless they spend unlimited amounts of money
to dig up every last inch of the soil, put it in plastic bags and
store it somewhere else for examination to see if there isn’t a
drop or two of oil or gas that a microscope can detect in it.
Even before that happens, the plot is declared “contaminated” by
the EPA and the landowner is stuck with it; he can’t use it and
no one will buy it with this cloud hanging over it. It’s dead!
And it remains a vacant lot – sometimes in the middle of
residential housing – a sore spot – a blight. When you add it
up, we are talking hundreds of thousands of acres put off limits
because of unreasonable decisions by those whose brains are addled
by a lack of common sense. If you have a pond in your back yard,
make sure your turtle has EPA permission to use it…or you might
end up with a chain-link fence around it. KEEP OUT!