Farm bill is important, hopefully they can get it right.
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Time is quickly running out to write a new $500 billion U.S. farm policy this year and one of the biggest problems facing the four key negotiators on the project is how much to cut spending on food stamps for the poor.

Without an agreement by the end of this week it may be impossible to enact a new farm law this year. Congress is more than a year behind schedule in replacing the now-expired 2008 law; it adjourns for the year in mid-December.

The make-or-break issue for negotiators continues to be the size of cuts in food stamps.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives proposed $39 billion in savings over a decade by tightening eligibility rules. That is nearly 10 times the savings backed by the Democrat-run Senate.

“We talked about it some,” Colin Peterson, the top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee, told reporters as the “big four” negotiators – the leaders of the Senate and House Agriculture committees – took a midday break.

There are disputes over crop and dairy subsidies as well. The Senate says the House would set target prices so high they would override the marketplace and the House says the new revenue protection system supported by the Senate is skewed toward the corn and soybean growers in the Midwest while disadvantaging those who grow wheat, rice and peanuts.