More or less ethanol, what do you think?
check this out:

The EPA’s new proposed 2014 rule for the RFS sets large vol­umes of biofuel use across several broad categories of fuel types but represents a significant reduction in mandated volumes from legislated levels. The EPA has again proposed to significantly reduce the cellulosic ethanol mandate from 1.75 billion gallons to just 17 million gallons.

But, in contrast to previous years, EPA has also proposed to reduce the overall mandate by more than 3 billion gallons from the level set in original legislation.

Total biofuels use for 2014 was set at 18.15 billion gallons in the original legislation, but the EPA is proposing to set use at 15.21 billion gallons. That implies use of corn-based ethanol at around 13 billion gallons. The EPA’s proposal will be open to a 60 day comment period before a final rule is implemented by next spring.