Advertising is in every business, so now lets tax, tax, tax?
Check this out:

Lawmakers knew they would have to tangle with K Street when they tackled tax reform. But are they ready to mess with Madison Avenue?

Sen. Max Baucus’s (D-Mont.) latest discussion draft bill for tax reform slashes into the business expense deduction for advertising. The plan could trigger a lobbying backlash from advertisers, broadcasters and cable television.

Reducing that tax break would strike at Big Media’s bottom line, but lobbyists said it would hurt Main Street as well.

“Advertising is viewed as a big New York-LA-Chicago, Madison Avenue-type of business but it is everywhere in the economy. It reaches into every congressional district,” Clark Rector, executive vice president of government affairs for the American Advertising Federation (AAF), told The Hill.

“It would have a devastating impact not just for advertising but for the economy in general.”