Paid vacation at that, thanks to those that are working through the holidays.
Check this out:

As if the American public needed another reason to hate the legislative branch.

National Journal reports Washington lawmakers have now given themselves so much vacation time this holiday season that they won’t even be in session long enough to conduct the people’s business satisfactorily, a job for which we pay them.

Do they even read public opinion polls anymore, I wonder? Or just not care? Hard to tell sometimes:

Congress will soon be forced to debate yet another short-term, stopgap bill to keep the government open, not because a budget deal can’t be reached, but because lawmakers haven’t left enough time to reach one.

The House and Senate have already left town for Thanksgiving. And once they return, both chambers are in session concurrently for just four days—Dec. 10 through Dec. 13—before Congress adjourns again for the holiday recess.