Is this ad offensive to you?
Check it out:

After having banned concealed carry in all of their stadiums, and even ordering women to give up their purse in favor of see-through plastic bags, (don’t ya feel safer now?) the NFL has accelerated its war on gun ownership and the Second Amendment by trampling on the First Amendment. The League has refused to air a commercial for Daniel Defense in the 2014 Super Bowl on grounds that the weapons manufacturer violates the NFL regulations for “prohibited advertising categories”. Their rejection, however, appears rooted in political activism, rather than strict adherence to long standing advertising rules.

The commercial spot in question (the video is posted at the end of this column) highlights the importance of family to a returning soldier. No mention is made of firearms, the Second Amendment, or gun ownership. And yet, like Mike Bloomberg on a sugar high, the NFL has decided to reject the ad because it implies support for responsible gun ownership. (I wonder if the League will target high-capacity sodas next?)