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Time is ticking as Congress hammers out the details on the next farm bill, and with only a handful of working days left on the schedule in 2013, American Farm Bureau public policy director Dale Moore says the outlook of it happening this year is tenuous.

In an interview with the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Newsline, Moore explains that it’s been a long three years of waiting for the new farm bill.

“From the standpoint of time running out this year, we’re back to hoping and praying that we can get something done, if not before the 13th then hopefully the House and Senate go into a little bit of overtime before this year is out and maybe we’ll see something get done before Christmas gets here,” he said.

However, Moore is skeptical that Congress will get it done before the current bill expires at the end of the year.

“Half the questions I get from reporters these days focus on, well is the farm bill going to be part of the budget negotiations? We don’t have a clue,” Moore said. “We keep hearing that, but we also are hopeful that the farm bill itself will get wrapped up this year. That’s looking dicey.”