Hmm sounds too good to be true.
Check it out:

Freshly minted White House counselor John Podesta will recuse himself from working on the approval process for the Keystone XL pipeline, an administration official told the New Yorker on Tuesday.

“In discussions [with White House chief of staff] Denis [McDonough], John suggested that he not work on the Keystone Pipeline issue, in review at the State Department, given that the review is far along in the process and John’s views on this are well known,” the official said. “Denis agreed that was the best course of action.”

The news will come as a welcome surprise to proponents of the pipeline, who fretted that Podesta’s appointment to the White House spelled doom for the proposed project.

The Center for American Progress, the liberal think tank that Podesta co-founded, has been a leading voice against the pipeline’s construction, arguing that the environmental impact would be severe.