Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray,
Check this out:

Three cheers for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who had a very good week. He has declared his independence from the Tea Party and others who are the most radical wing of any major political party in more than a century.

Long ago I wrote that there would be a politically bloody civil war in the GOP that will begin in 2013 and escalate through the 2016 presidential campaign. The civil war has now formally begun, and Boehner, to stick with the civil war analogy, has rejected the Confederates and is now leading the Union side in this civil war.

The Union wing of the GOP that Boehner now leads (along with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie) believes that we live in one nation, with different points of view that deserve to be respected, and divided government that must function effectively for the nation to prosper.

By contrast, the Confederate wing of the GOP wants to secede from mainstream America, believes that politics should be a tribal war and treats Republican moderates and centrists as their enemy, as much as Democrats.