Typical anti-export talking points.
Check it out:

Last week, Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz finally, mercifully acknowledged the increasingly undeniable fact that the United States’ energy outlook is much changed from the 1970s scene in which oil disruptions and artificially induced “shortages” were enough to persuade policymakers into somehow thinking that more protectionism was a good idea. Moniz appeared, if noncommittally, to support the idea currently gaining some traction in Congress of possibly rolling back the decades-old export restrictions that largely prohibit American energy producers from selling their crude wares overseas — but it practically goes without saying that no rational, free-market-minded proposal that looks at peeling back the regulatory layers that selectively benefit niche interests ever comes without trumped-up objections, and here comes Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez bloviating with the typical anti-export talking points I could have predicted in my sleep.