Hmm, I think its a free speech issue what about you?
Check this out:

Conservative politicians jumped on the “Duck Dynasty” uproar Wednesday faster than you could load a hunting rifle.

And they came out firing at A&E Networks for having the temerity to suspend Phil Robertson, the reality show’s star, for calling homosexuality a sin and equating it with bestiality.

Despite all the rhetoric you’ll hear, this is not a free speech issue. Robertson is entitled to say whatever he wants, as he did in the GQ interview, and A&E is entitled to pull him off the air if it deems the comments offensive. There is no First Amendment right to appear on a television show.

At the same time, A&E hired Robertson to be the hunting, praying, opinionated Christian patriarch on the show, and its executives can hardly be shocked if he says things that alienate the politically correct.