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A two-star Air Force general in charge of nuclear weapons was relieved of command of the 20th Air Force — which includes three nuclear wings — in October after the boss found out he spent a three-day trip to Russia repping the Stars and Stripes by doing all things Russia, from the liquor to the ladies.

Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, who was outed by a Thursday inspector general report, went pretty hard while leading a trip to Vladimir Putin’s hotly protected freezing wasteland, hanging out with sketchy chicks, slugging booze and generally handling himself like a boss.

Carey was on a July trip to teach the Ruskies how to transfer their nukes without losing them. So, like any dutiful bro on a proper Euro trip, he started drinking in Zurich and didn’t stop for a minute, cavorting with “suspicious” girls he met at a bar, insulting Russians and generally keeping warm.