Computer technology is tuff for some.
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Approximately half of U.S. and one-third of Pennsylvania ag businesses use technology to assist in business management. If you have not yet made the switch to computerized financial records, Penn State Extension provides a comparison of features in the major software packages.

Americans are connected with technology now more than ever. Research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project in May 2013 reported that 85% of American adults use the internet at least occasionally. The same group reported in April 2012 that 55% of American adults access the internet from their mobile devices. With all this technology adoption among the general population, businesses have turned to using technology to not only communicate with their consumers, but more importantly engage technology to assist in the financial management of their business. Two business sectors, agricultural and small businesses, have been slow to achieve the same rate of adoption. The benefits of incorporating technology into the financial management of the business outweigh the tribulations they may present