Another one bites the dust.
Check it out:

Disgraced federal bureaucrats don’t seem to resign these days. They certainly aren’t fired — and even when they are, they appeal and are reinstated. No, they “retire,” and make off with a raft of taxpayer-funded benefits accrued over years of “public service.” As Ms. Snyder prepares to step aside to spend more time with her family or whatever, her boss is singing her praises.

A job well done, Michelle. Bravo. And what did that job entail? According to the New York Times, “her official biography says that Ms. Snyder was responsible for “standing up new programs and activities required by the Affordable Care Act.” And who among us wouldn’t “celebrate” her job performance? Aside from the millions who struggled to log on to the broken website she oversaw, and plugged sensitive data into a compromised website, that is. Mary Katharine Ham quips, “Botch the roll-out of the president’s legacy law so badly that you end up with three million fewer insured people than when we started, and you get to retire, announce it over a holiday weekend, and grab that juicy pension for 41 years of mediocre-to-disastrous public service.”