Now what?
Check it out:

According to the Des Moines Register, the current status of about 16,000 Iowa residents stands at: IRKED. Some of them may already have upgraded their alert status to PEEVED. Consider the example of CROSS (Chronic ObamaCare Snafu Syndrome) sufferer Bill Douglas, who desperately requires eye surgery for glaucoma:

Douglas thought he’d finally have health insurance this week to pay for the procedure, but his application and those of nearly 16,000 other Iowans are snagged in a last-minute foul-up between the state and federal governments.

Douglas, 62, was discouraged by a notice last weekend that it could take another six weeks for state officials to deliver an answer about his application, which he initially filed in November. With his insurance situation still in limbo, he called his ophthalmologist’s office to cancel an appointment for an initial assessment for the laser procedure, which would treat his glaucoma.