Religious liberty is winning!
Check this out:

The 2013 scorecard for abortion pill mandate cases made on religious freedom claims is 53 – 7, and the Obama Administration is losing.

The mandate requires employers to provide abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptives to their employees. Nuns, private Christian colleges and religiously-run companies such as Hobby Lobby have filed court cases against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The Obama Administration is fighting an uphill battle, according to a tally released by Alliance Defending Freedom Tuesday:

To date, there have been 60 rulings touching on the merits religious freedom claims against Obamacare’s abortion pill mandate. 41 involve family – or religious – run businesses, and 19 involve non-profit religious organizations. Overall, the score is 53–7 in favor of religious liberty, involving 53 injunctions against the abortion pill mandate.