May be hard to restrain.
Check this out:

GOP strategists are urging restraint in the upcoming debt-ceiling fight.

They are excited by the prospect of reclaiming the Senate in November’s midterms elections but anxious about the party’s capacity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, as amply illustrated in recent campaign cycles.

Congress must vote to raise the $17 trillion debt ceiling sometime in February or March. In the past, Republicans have looked to extract major concessions, such as dollar-for-dollar spending cuts.

The strategy bore fruit in 2011 when President Obama, with an eye toward securing reelection, signed the Budget Control Act, which included $2 trillion in cuts.

But now the president is refusing to negotiate on the debt ceiling and the GOP is still feeling the reverberations from a 16-day government shutdown in October that wreaked havoc on the party’s public approval while reaping almost nothing in exchange.