Combined, the criticisms were a one-two punch to an administration that has been focused on domestic policy in the new year.
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President Obama doubted his own troop-surge strategy in Afghanistan would work; Vice President Biden got nearly every security issue wrong for 40 years; and Hillary Clinton opposed President Bush’s Iraq surge to help her presidential bid. These are among the blockbuster allegations detonated Tuesday by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Writing in a memoir due out next week, Gates says that Obama was “skeptical if not outright convinced” his Afghan surge would fail.

Gates also contends that Biden was wrong on “nearly every” major national security and foreign policy issue over the past four decades.

He says former Secretary of State Clinton opposed the surge in Iraq launched by President George W. Bush for political reasons, because it would have been difficult to support during a presidential primary battle in 2008 with then-Sen. Obama. The president himself “vaguely” conceded that his own opposition to the Iraq surge was based in politics, which Gates said he found both surprising and dismaying.