Again, what part of illegal doesn’t he get?
Check it out:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) joined a slew of Democratic lawmakers today in a ceremonial signing of the so-called New Jersey DREAM Act. In front of an audience of largely Hispanic students in Union City, Christie put his pen to a reproduction of the bill for the news cameras. The governor signed the actual bill into law three weeks ago, after reaching a compromise with the Democratic controlled legislature.

The DREAM Act grants in-state tuition rates at New Jersey public colleges and universities to the children of illegal aliens who attended at least three years of high school in the state. Christie changed his position on the act in 2013. He opposed in-state tuition for illegals on fiscal grounds in his first term, saying that the state simply couldn’t afford it. During his re-election campaign, however, Christie said the state’s fiscal health had improved enough to warrant support for the measure. Christie went on to win a majority of Hispanics in November.