How can this man who did something about the problem not be trusted and Obama and Hillary still will not say what happened in Benghazi?
Check it out:

One thing we’ve learned about Chris Christie in the four years he’s been New Jersey’s governor is that he can take a punch.

And that trait stood him well Thursday morning when he faced reporters to take blame and apologize for the actions of one of his top aides and others, who engineered a crippling lane closure at the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee — one of New York City’s busiest entry points — as Jersey-style revenge for the town’s mayor not backing Christie’s re-election bid.

Christie, who for months had adamantly denied that politics were behind the closures, claimed he was “betrayed” by, among others, Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly, whom he fired. He said he only learned the truth on Wednesday morning after he got word that newspapers had published damning emails detailing the revenge plot, which he described as “abject stupidity.”