Vilsack is optimistic, anyone else?
Check it out:

Congress has very little time to accomplish its to-do list this month!

The current funding for the government expires Jan. 15, and Congress must either pass an omnibus spending bill or another continuing resolution by then or the government will shut down again.

Many people hope Congress can finish the farm bill before the end of January, but there are surprisingly few actual work days left. The House is in session for 4 days next week and then takes off the week of January 20, along with the Senate. Then the House is back in session for 3 days before going off on a planning retreat.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is optimistic.

He expects Congress to pass a farm bill during January. So for now he is holding off on implementing permanent law from 1949 which would set the support prices for milk based on the parity price by default in the absence of a new farm bill. But he admits if Congress doesn’t act soon he has no option but to start the permanent law process in motion.

Implementation would mean retail prices for milk would about double from current levels, which may be dire enough to force Congress into action – especially this being an election year.