Being educated about the details of a particular gun control bill, rather than making broad arguments, is the key to winning a debate and ultimately winning in the short and long term.
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“Retailers Need to Wake Up,” Director of Government Relations and State Affairs at National Shooting Sports Foundation Jake McGuigan said during a grassroots seminar at the 2014 SHOT Show Tuesday morning. “It’s not political, it’s our livelihood and our constitutional right.”

Anti-gun politicians throughout the country have done everything possible over the past two years, and over the past four decades, to turn law abiding citizens into criminals. In 2012, we saw New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sign the S.A.F.E. Act in the middle of the night, limiting law abiding gun owners to just seven rounds in their ten round capacity magazines. In Colorado, we saw legislators put the cap on magazines at 15 rounds, forcing Magpul and it’s more than 200 employees out of the state to Texas.