Gotta try and stay ahead of the game.
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It’s something that happens every five years, affects dietary patterns across the country, but generally receives little attention until the last second is about to tick off the clock. I’m talking about the multi-year process undertaken by our federal government, namely USDA and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to update the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which are designed to provide science-based advice related to food and physical activity choices to promote good health, a healthy weight and prevent disease for Americans ages 2 and older. What’s more, these guidelines are the basis for federal nutrition policy, education, outreach and food assistance programs used throughout the nation by families, schools and health professionals.

Between now and sometime in fall 2015, USDA and HHS will publish an updated set of guidelines. The first guidelines were published in 1980 and have been updated every five years since. So why am I bringing this topic of now, nearly two years ahead of schedule? It’s simple, the process to update the guidelines has started, and it’s important for the protein industry to engage today and stay engaged throughout this process.