Good for them!
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A new advertising campaign for Busch beer recognizing everyday heroes who are hard-working and involved in their community shines a spotlight on a Texas cattle rancher.

The campaign with the tagline “Here’s to Earning It,” launched Monday with profiles on eight men and women from around the country. One of the profiles features Brandon Harris, a cattle rancher and EMT in Manvel, Texas.

Harris is one of four participants in the campaign who are also featured in their own mini-documentary.

The two-minute film recognizes Harris for his drive to work in the cattle industry as well as his involvement in the community as an EMT.

While working with ranch owner Dorothy Wynne, Harris talks about the lessons he learned on the ranch.

Harris adds to his busy schedule by sharing his passion for the cattle industry with kids who visit the ranch.

The hard-working rancher exemplifies the type of person Anheuser-Busch wants to recognize through the campaign.